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CanadianTherapists listings have been designed to allow the Therapists to present their unique knowledge and skill set to you by focusing on three main topics;

  • An "Introduction" of Themselves
  • Their "Credentials"
  • The Areas They "Specialize In"

This information will help you to be better prepared, informed and more comfortable in the next step of contacting the Therapist be it either by e-mail or phone.

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Locating the right Therapist is not always easy. Finding this person to work with you especially in personal issues relating to Marriage and Family can be quite a task.

Directory style advertisements don't give enough information nor do they give you a "feel" for the person you are dealing with.

Even when a Therapists has been referred to you by a Doctor or close friend, the first meeting can be somewhat uncomfortable.

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CanadianTherapists.com does not examine, determine or warrant the competence of any therapist listed in its web site.
Use of this Directory to locate a therapist is wholly voluntary and will not result in any liability against CanadianTherapists.com and its owners.

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  Kathryn Burton


  Angela Colangelo
  Elizabeth Hepworth
  Sylvia Michael



Niagara Falls

  Sandra Elsley

Toronto & GTA

  Bev Behar
  Gail Cooper
  Marion Goertz
  Judith Golden
  Leila Feldman
  Margaret Hicks

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