Sandra Elsley (B.A, M.A., M.Ed), is enjoying a private practice in Niagara Falls, Canada. She has worked in the field of educational counseling and personal growth since 1975 and is a seasoned clinical practitioner. Sandra believes that “Stepping Out of the Box” of your community and culture is one of the best ways to experience personal growth and compassion for humankind. This insight has motivated some amazing experiences that her clients have shared with her.

Sandra broke the traditional mold of a 50 minute therapy session to include personal and spiritual growth adventures in Peru and the Peruvian Amazon. Teachings focused on mindfulness and the power of the present moment is presented as a group process experience, inviting participants to make dramatic shifts in the way they experience life.

Individual and Marital Therapy

Sandra's approach in couples counseling is to help clients find an empowered resolution to their relationship difficulties - this means that a healthy, respectful resolution is what we work toward so that both parties can either return to the relationship empowered or leave with a healthy respect for themselves and each other. If the relationship is not to continue, an understanding of why things went wrong is essential to ensure that this pattern will not be repeated. Best interests of the children is always a primary factor in assisting couples.

Skype Services Available

Many of my Canadian clients reside in cities outside of the Niagara Region where my office is presently located.  In the past several years Skype has proven to be an effective means of working together.  I also provide Skype services for clients in the United States and Internationally.  Typically clients have been referred through friends and family.

For those potential clients interested in working with me through Skype, please send an email to and we will begin a dialogue to determine whether this means of counselling and therapy will work for you.



Skype Services Available



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