A centre for individual, couple, and family counselling based in Christian and Jewish faith traditions.  All therapists are professionally trained, experienced, and under clinical supervision. Marriage Therapy and Marriage counselling in Toronto, Ontario.

The Institute of Family Living

The Institute of Family Living (IFL) is a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural team of professional therapists and physicians. We offer psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation to individuals, couples, families, groups, and human service agencies, sensitive to a diversity of faith traditions.

   Since 1971, IFL has provided therapeutic, educational, and consulting services to a wide variety of people and organizations. Our associates are Registered Psychotherapists and members of the Ontario and American Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT/AAMFT) and the Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT), Ontario Medical Association (OMA), Ontario Psychological Association (OPA), or other accredited professional associations, and we maintain a growing network of professional Consultants

   Our Institute offers rich and diverse possibilities for therapeutic help, as each Associate brings his or her unique gifts and expertise to the IFL team.


Diane Marshall, M.Ed., RP, RMFT
Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor, AAMFT/OAMFT
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Gender Issues, Life Transitions

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Philip A. Classen, Ph.D, C.Psych. RMFT
Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor, AAMFT/OAMFT
Registered Psychologist
Individual Therapy (Adults and Adolescents),
Couple & Family Therapy for relationship problems, depression, anxiety, trauma and self growth
Nancy Molitz, M.A., RP, RMFT
Clinical Fellow AAMFT/OAMFT
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Performance Edge
Adult Survivors
Trauma (EMDR Level 2)
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  Adrianne Sequeira,
M Div/Counselling
Registered Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst,
Registered Nurse

Individual, Couple & Family Therapy & Addictions
Ann Stocker, B.R.E, B.A., M.Div / Counselling
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Marriage Preparation, Employment Issues

Lindsay Watson, M.A., RP, RMFT
Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor, AAMFT/OAMFT
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Trauma (EMDR Level 2)
  Dr. Danny Yeung,
M.D., C.G.P.P., F.C.F.P.

Lecturer of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
Executive, Senior Faculty &
Certified Therapist, AEDP Institute
Trauma (EMDR Level 2)
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Michael Hryniuk, Ph.D,
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Spiritual Direction and Formation
Associate Member of the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care

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A Centre for Individual, Couple and Family Counselling

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