Review of December 31, 2014 experienced a rise in traffic for 2014, of 13% over 2013, with 19,800 visitors and 43,000 pages viewed, for an average of 54 visitors per day.  This is an increase of 2,300 visitors to 2013.  July to October were the busiest months, all with over 2,000 visitors for each of these months.

Technical facts on our visitors,

  • Windows based devices are still most used, at approximately 2 to 1; however, as I have mentioned previously, this trend is changing with a growing number of visitors coming to the site using Apple products. This would include I-Pad’s and I-Phones.
  • A wide variety of browsers continue to be used by visitors.  These include Microsoft’s IE (Internet Explorer) versions 8, 9 and 10, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. 
  • The most popular screen resolution was 1376 X 768 (same as in 2013), second 1920 X 1080 and third 768 X 1024, which is likely a tablet.  That said, assorted screen sizes of fewer than 500 pixels wide, likely smart phones, represents approximately 18% of all visitors in 2014.

How do visitors come to the site?
Of the 43,000 page views;

  • 31,000 came directly to the site via the home page, listing page or directly to a Therapists page.
  • 10,200 are via search engines. Google represents over 9,200 of these views making it the most popular search engine by approximately 10 to 1.
  • 400 are links from on line magazines sites such as Psychology Today and Best Heath Magazine.
  • 700 from related organizations such as AAMFT, AASECT, BESTCO, OAMFT and Theravive
  • 700 views come from an assortment of links including, smaller search engines, organizations and magazines as well as directories such as, Yellow Pages, Yelp and Canada Pages. A few are also referred via Social Media, i.e. Facebook and LinkedIn.

Webmaster Observations,
I am pleased to see the increase in visitors to the site this year.

Search engines continue to index the site on a regular basis and are directing visitors to the site and more so, directly to the individual therapists pages.

Industry related sites and directory listings continue to link visitors directly to your individual therapists. It is in your best interest to ensure that you are including a link to your listing in any of the directories you may be appearing in.

With regard to social media such as Facebook, while many industries are making marketing inroads by using these sites, I still feel that individuals are not looking for Marriage and Family Therapists through social media at this time. This can change so if you do have a Facebook Page for your practice, it is likely in your best interests to link to your web pages at

With regard to web sites and design, responsive sites that adjust to the device viewing them, i.e. desktop computer vs tablet vs smart phone are becoming increasingly popular. does have 2 responsive templates that some of you have switched to over the past year.

In December of 2014, I redesigned my Lemme & Associates Web Design site. Feel free to visit it at,

I hope you have found this information helpful. is now 11 years old.
Thank you for your business and support over this time.

John Lemme
Webmaster for

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