Arlene Stiles provides individual, couple and/or family therapy within a comfortable, safe and professional counselling environment, creating an opportunity for you to explore your personal life experiences.

Seeking Help
Do you find yourself in the same discouraging situation over and over again?
Are you concerned with the degree or frequency that you are angry, sad or so discouraged you don’t know what to do?

  • Life can sometimes be so challenging that options seem to disappear. Counselling with a professional therapist can bring a fresh perspective and teach new skills that lead to the natural unfolding of new choices and fresh possibilities for you.
  • As a therapist Arlene will connect with you and your situation, to assist you in discovering your solutions. She will be sensitive toward your uniquely specific situation.
  • Guided by Christian faith traditions, but without imposing her beliefs, Arlene offers psychotherapy to multicultural individuals, couples, and families.
  • Arlene integrates several styles of therapy so that you will feel naturally at ease within the counselling session, depending on your need. Cognitive behavioral, solution focused, emotionally focused therapy, as well as more artistic expressions may all be utilized.

Introduction to Therapy
Arlene’s therapeutic approach is to guide you, as an individual, couple, or family, to identify emotional and behavior patterns that no longer empower or aid your relationships. She will focus on your strengths rather than assigning blame, and believes that how you understand, interpret and communicate life, significantly influences your relationships with others.

The exploration of past as well as existing relationships offers a greater understanding of how your life is being influenced. Therefore, family of origin can often be a natural place to start therapy.

Once the existing patterns are understood, new skills can then be introduced and possibilities for healthier behavior are explored and developed. As these new options become familiar and comfortable, you will experience a renewed sense of empowerment and peace in your life. You will be better able to evaluate situations, achieve your potential and enjoy your life goals.















A commitment to health and wholeness in a professional, therapeutic setting
Contact Arlene Stiles
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